What We Do

Private Lending Solutions

We provide quick and efficient capital for your clients.  We focus primarily on equity, and the borrower's ability to service and re-pay the loan.  We don't have a "box" that you have to fit your client into.  If you have a good story on why your client deserves financing, we want to hear it!



Highlights Include:
  • First, second and third mortgages

  • Flexible rate and fee combinations

  • Lending in AB, SK, & BC

  • Business for self (BFS), challenged credit and low doc loans

  • Interest only payments

  • Flexible requirements for income, debt servicing and credit score etc

  • One or two year terms are available

  • Blanket and Wrap Mortgages

  • Agreements for Sale

We provide solutions for:
  • Unverifiable income

  • Poor Credit (credit score will not affect approval, only pricing)

  • Current or recent bankruptcy/opd/consumer proposal

  • Interim/Bridge financing

  • Construction/Development

  • Revenue properties

  • Quick funding  

Please direct your inquiries to and we will strive to reply to your request within 3 business hours.

Here is what some of our clients are saying:


"my compliments on your crisp, clear and timely commitment.  It is certainly pleasant dealing with a professional firm like yours."   Lyle - Mortgage Broker